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Giving Back to the Community

Fire suppression is just one of the many services we offer. We’re also interested in educating Sunset Harbor & Zion Hill residents of all ages on best practices they can carry out in their own homes in order to ensure safety. There are many new ideas regarding fire prevention that we’d love to tell you about so you have access to the latest information needed to keep your family safe.

Home Fire Safety Surveys


Smoke Detectors Save Lives

Stop preventable fires from happening. Call us and we will schedule a crew to come out and do a walkthrough of your home to check for hazards.

Home Fire Safety Check List.png

Do you live in a Firewise community? Protect your home from wildfire and know the zones. 

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety
Smoke Detectors.jfif

Calls us to schedule a crew to come out and check your detectors, change batteries, or install new detectors. 

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